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Albert Fischer

Albert Fischer

I am a sworn translator (Landgericht München I.) and I hold the German State Examination in Law (Saarbrücken) and the German State Examination for Translators (Frankfurt am Main). I have practised law as legal counsel for a property investment company in Berlin and as legal counsel for a construction company specialising in utility-scale solar plants, negotiating contracts in the English language and in German.

During my five-year stay in London I completed the Graduate Diploma in Law (BPP Law School London Waterloo) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice (College of Law London Moorgate). I have been working as a translator specialising in legal and financial translation services involving the German language since 2009.

Legal Translations

Knowledge of the German and British legal systems and the correct interpretation of the legal terminologies are the prerequisites for a high quality legal translation. We translate dense contracts on behalf of commercial law firms whilst offering competitive rates and a fast turnaround. We can take on almost every assignment, with the exception of certain technical tax or insurance-related documents.

All contributing linguists hold a law degree from within the jurisdiction of the respective target language, i.e. their mother tongue, and are certified translators. Some of our linguists hold law degrees from two different jurisdictions. Our proofreaders are either paralegals or trainee solicitors.

We know how you work and we understand that your business involves tight deadlines and confidential information. We bear this in mind when we work with you.